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> Real estate and construction law

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  • We can advise you on the drafting and coordination of lease, sublease, sale or other transfer agreements for buildings, premises and land;
  • We can help you with real estate and real estate investment, land planning, project preparation, coordination of planning conditions, and obtaining permits from state and municipal authorities;
  • We will provide you with solutions for all construction or building design contracts, construction supervision, preparation of contractor or subcontract documents, client-manager-contractor disputes; We will provide you with project administration services in Lithuania and abroad;
  • We will advise you on property taxes, insurance, financing, property restoration;
  • We can advise you on asset purchase and sale, leasing, leasing leasing, asset management and joint venture transactions;
  • drafting and evaluating contracts for contracting, subcontracting, design, construction management and supervision, and joint ventures;
  • preparing claims for construction contract work, construction management and maintenance services and other legal documents;
  • advising you on the issue and amendment of construction permits;
  • We will represent you before all state and municipal authorities, coordinate and control the processes of issuing documents within the competence of the authorities;
  • We will advise you on spatial planning issues and ensure the legality and transparency of planning procedures.